My favorite time of year. The flowers are blooming. The sun is shinning and my kids are out on vacation! Not your usual spring break excitement. But, if you are like me, a parent with kids in school, they too get a spring break. It is our job to make sure it’s just as fun as any other break from school is.

Think about it. If you were on spring break from college, you want to relax, have some fun with your friends and do any and all things that do not represent school. Well, that’s why I always feel compelled to get my kids moving for spring break.

Never really considering this would make their time memorable when they were younger. As time went on, I realized that I have to be bold in helping them create memories of a lifetime.

Whether or not we go away for spring break or stay near home, I try to make their time fun and memorable. Some fun things that we like to do while we are on spring break are going to a local museum, the zoo and others.

I have always like to go to the museum. I love that my kids enjoy this with me. Some museums can be a little boring for younger children. I try to take them to one that is full of kid fun activities and exhibits.

One of our favorite museums is free to get in and full of different exhibits. Although, some exhibits do have a small fee for entry, it is still worth the price.

I like to say living in California everywhere you go is going to cost. If the venue is free to get in, you are paying a small fee for parking. It’s just the way of life here in Cali. Sad but true statement.

Some families like to venture out on spring break and go on a fabulous vacation for most of their time off. I say, hey if that’s how you roll, awesome!! Make those fabulous memories either way. Spending time with the family is what counts. Our kids are only young once, we have to cherish every little moment given to us.

Be blessed! Have a great spring break! I know I will enjoy our staycation!! Check out my IG for my fave staycation pics.



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