Easy Easter Fun For You and the Kids

It’s Easter time and my favorite time of year. It’s time to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ and spend it enjoying the family. During this time of year I love to do lots of fun crafty stuff with the kids and some fun baking with the kids. I love to make my kids Easter baskets full of fun and some fun-filled time making some enjoyable deserts.

Granted I’m not the everyday little Susie homemaker with the exceptional “mom” baking skills. But, I do love to try! That’s what makes it so much fun. Granted I hate to make a super mess with the kids. But, it is fun trying.

This year is one that is ever-changing for me. It is the first year my oldest son doesn’t want an Easter basket, he’s growing so fast. Before we know it our children will be having their own children. Just another reason to cherish these moments with them.

The ever so wonderful fun planned for our Easter week activities also coincides with our spring break this year. In which, how could I not plan lots of fun things to do.

First, we have some cupcake challenges planned, the girls vs. the boys, which includes some decorating fun. Of course, I am doing the majority of the “hands on” baking because some of my kids are too young to use an oven. Let them tell it, watching Master Chef Jr. they are not. Lol.

Second, we have the every so fun Easter baskets I love to make. I have tried to find different things they love and some traditional items for their baskets. This is always fun for me to make for them. The shopping usually is crazy with a family of four kids different ideas and different taste in items used to make for a crazy shopping experience for me prior to having to make their baskets. So I decided to go at it alone. Lol. Kid free shopping is stress free shopping.

Finally, we have our annual indoor Easter egg hunt. Yes, indoor. It all started when my oldest was crawling. I made a hunt for him to experience the egg hunt I felt he was missing out on being so young. Really, it was more for me and my gratification to see him participate in an egg hunt. Then as he got older, my family started growing I found myself stuck in keeping this tradition going. So my kids love to wake up to a house full of eggs to hunt and find. All equipped with good snacks that won’t harm their teeth and some bonus eggs with money. Being the mom that I am I do love to include money eggs in their baskets just in case. Needless to say I will be happy when I can stop this little tradition of mine.

We all do certain quirky things for our children that seem not so silly when we first start. Having great intentions are usually behind it and never intending for it to get too crazy. But in the end, it is something unique to our family and it will be something they will always remember. Comment below on any fun silly traditions you and your family have for the Easter holiday.

Have a Happy Easter and enjoy it with the ones you love! Check out my Instagram for our Easter pics!