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Fiesta Friday!!! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

It’s that time of year for you to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!!  A holiday we love to celebrate in America. Why? Is it just the food and the alcohol? Hopefully not. It’s a time to remember when a culture of people stood up for their rights. All coming to blows at the Battle of Puebla. It is a time to remember to embrace all people, Mexican American people for what their ancestors did. It’s a time I like to remember what my ancestors did.

Coming from a mixed Black-Mexican American background, I did not have a lot of traditions that were passed down from my grandmother, as they usually are by the mother of the family. Why? It’s a little hard to do so when your mother was gone at a young age. However, my strong Latina grandmother did what she could. Learned what she could and passed those traditions along with new traditions down to her daughters. And so my mother passed them down to me.

Now do I pass all of them down to my children. No, not yet. Some are too young to understand the meaning. But, I do pass down what I can and when they are able to understand everything I will teach them what I know.

One of our families traditions is our love of our favorite Mexican foods. Even if I am too busy to cook them all the time, I love to do something for Cinco de Mayo. Because to do it right you have to do it right and its a long process. My favorite meals are usually homemade. I love my families homemade Chicken Tacos with Spanish Rice and Pinto Beans.  I also have some other homemade dishes my grandmother used to make. But, for today, I am making something easy for my kids.

A tradition of my own. Passed down by me to my children. A busy mom of 4, I have to give them what they like along with making it in a timely matter for them before they need to go to bed.  On our menu for dinner is Turkey Nachos with beans. My kids love nachos and for me I needed to add some kind of protein to it so I could feel like they were getting enough. So I decided to add ground turkey and black beans. Although, they do have to be in a mood for black beans. I will say they love it and so do I. Its fast, its easy and its fun for the kids to build their own. So while they are enjoying that, my husband and I will do the grown up thing and partake in a cerveza.

Check my out my Instagram and all the fun activities for today!! And remember, Feliz Cinco de Mayo!