Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Mind

When we think about spring cleaning it usually is wrapped around the idea of just cleaning out some of the noticeable things in our home. Do you ever think, maybe I should really clean my home? I should declutter the whole house. Start off the holiday weekend with a new prospective.

Well, I’ve been on a Mind, Body, and Soul rejuvenation for 2017.  The whole working on my mind and soul & spiritually came to me very easily. I have been reading more books and reading my bible on an ongoing basis. For my body, I’ve been trying to eat better along with squeezing in working out. That is still a task I am trying to defeat daily.

But, in this rejuvenation of myself, I really didn’t consider the whole “spring cleaning” idea until recently. I have been wanting to thoroughly go through my children’s rooms and get rid of a lot of toys and clothes they don’t use anymore and donate them to people who could really use them. I tried the “selling” them thing, but that takes up too much time and effort for me. I’d rather just give them to those that really need them.

I decided to take a whole afternoon to clean out my girls room. Wow!! They had a lot of toys that they have collected over the years. Granted, my girls are young, but if you include birthdays and holidays toys can really stack up. It took me a total of 4 hours to clean their room. Of course, by the end I felt so much better. It was a huge weight off my mind that I didn’t even realize was there.

It really showed. By the end, I gave my girls their new rules for their room. The continuing factor/standard, keep your room clean and neat. lol. My girls were so happy to have what they felt like was a new room. They even planned a sleep over in their new room. Of course, it was with their siblings whom camped out on the floor. They turned it into Camp Henderson.

I was happy they were so happy. Appreciative of the work I did, they were ecstatic to be helping out other children whom were less fortunate. Two birds with one stone. I was able to release the mind clutter and help continue my girls on a good path of giving back to others.

If you think about the whole mind, body & soul connection, it is very strong. We don’t even realize how much sometimes. If you are trying to accomplish things in your work life, home life, and personal growth, it is hard to get anywhere when you have a space that is consumed with too much. It doesn’t leave you any room to be creative.

So, that’s what I’m doing. Removing the clutter, giving back to those in need, in order to continue to grow and do all things creative. Won’t you join me on this journey? Have you already started on your own personal growth journey? Remember this, if you’re no learning, you’re not growing.