Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labor

Yes, it’s hard as a parent in today’s society to raise children. They don’t come with a book or road map. Although, with the help of your tribe, family, or whatever you like to call it, it can be rewarding. Especially, when its time to celebrate their hard work and yours. Graduation is one of the ways we get to do that as a parent. Enjoying their major accomplishment and the accomplishment you have in keeping them on track as children. For older children graduating college, whether you are totally helping or just giving your undeniable support, it is a proud moment.

I reflected on this recently as my eldest son graduated from elementary school last week. It was an unbelievable feeling I had being a proud mom. All my hard work payed off. Making sure he stayed on top of his studies and behavior. Yes, with him it wasn’t very hard. He is a good boy and loves school. I can only pray it will continue as he gets older. Right?

That’s one thing all parents can relate. Hoping your child continues on the right course you have set forth for them. Leading a good example and giving them the tools and boundaries every child needs is a great start. Prayer and our guidance, that is the one thing we can do.

The other thing we can do is enjoy the victories in their growing up and accomplishing each step they go on. Because one day it will be all totally on them and what we have taught them may not have seamed like it sunk in, until one day it will. When they are older and say something to trigger a moment in time when we weren’t sure they were listening.

Until that moment when my kids are off on their own with their own families, I will enjoy the journey of raising them and being their center unit. Looking to our Father for my continued guidance when I don’t know how to parent them through He will give me what I need to do & say what I need to say.

Enjoying the fruit of our labor. Loving our children to the end. Isn’t that what we all do?