Back to School: Time Management

It’s almost the end of August and by now all kids should be back at the grind again. Hallelujah!! I know, I know. It’s wrong of me to praise that the kids are back at school. I honestly love that they are just as much as they do.

They get to go to school and see their friends and you get a little piece of mind.


~~ Kid(s): “Mom, can I stay up a little later?”

~~ Mom: “No, you have school tomorrow.”


That must be my favorite response of all time. The kids get to bed early and you get a little piece and quite in the house. Well, at least no noise from the kids. But, it doesn’t stop there. As the “Supermoms” we are we put the kids to sleep and then our work continues.

Preparation for the next day. Whether it is making the kids lunch, the hubby’s lunch, making sure the kitchen is completely put up and cleaned up after dinner and you didn’t miss anything while the kids were helping you put things up. Laundry and don’t forget your personal items that you may want to do.

The list continues on and on. On a daily basis mom’s keeping the house in order shows just how much we do for our families. It’s important that we don’t forget while the all so hectic daily life of being “Supermom” to take care of ourselves. By taking care of ourselves, it encompasses the whole enchilada mind, body and soul.

Although I didn’t forget this, I did let myself get off track with taking care of health. Staying up late nights as if I didn’t have work in the morning and didn’t have 4 kids and 2 schools to go to. That could really take its toll on the body. As the days have gone on and I felt really lethargic I had to realize what I was doing for the good of the family was not good for me.

We have to realize how to better manage our time and not spread ourselves thin. As a working mother to 4, wife, and the many other hats I wear, I have to stand up and put forth the effort to what is important now and what can be done tomorrow. And my all time favorite, I have to learn to let go.

Let me tell you, that is a hard task that I have worked on for quite sometime. When you get off track, the best thing to do is get back on. Let go of some of the responsibility. We as mother’s don’t have to carry the whole load. Reach out to your community of family and friends. Delegate to your children. Teach them how to take care and run the house. Why? It is so beneficial for you and for them. You get the extra release of stress off and they learn how to take care of themselves. Remember they will need those life skills when they get older.

Don’t forget to relax and take care of the priorities and the rest can wait. At least until you get your relax time in. #mindbodysoul #Supermom