Your Life’s Purpose: Part 2- Fulfilling Your Purpose

 Picking up on your journey to finding your life’s purpose, we come to the area of once I find my purpose, Now What?

7 Steps to Fulfilling Your Life Purpose:

  1. Be flexible. You may be surprised by some of your discoveries so go with it. You may even find that you have more than one purpose. Keeping an open mind helps with the process. Allowing yourself to let the natural energy flow through you so you don’t stress yourself out in the process. Enjoy it!
  2. Change your assumptions. If you’re hesitant to act on your ambitions, you may have self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Remember your past accomplishments and focus on that and on what you have to gain in the end result.
  3. Make realistic plans. It’s okay to aim high, but you want your targets to be feasible. For example, not everyone who loves the opera can sing soprano, but there are plenty of other roles in the same industry, from costume design to fundraising.
  4. Set a daily intention. Keep your purpose fresh in your mind. Figure out something you can do each day to bring you closer to your goals. Consistent effort builds momentum, and small victories add up.
  5. Evaluate your progress. Assess your development on a regular basis, so you can devote your efforts to activities with the highest payback. Weed out distractions and make adjustments as needed. Keep a success journal. This will aid in your efforts to weed out the distractions.
  6. Find balance. Giving equal attention to contemplating your purpose and taking action. Otherwise, you can wind up overlooking your top priorities or missing opportunities.
  7. Seek support. Going after  your purpose is rewarding and challenging. It helps to have partners on your side. Ask your friends and family for the assistance you need. Team up with others who share your vision.


Being driven by your life’s purpose will make you feel happier and more successful. Examine your experiences and discover how you can share your unique gifts.