7 Romantic Tips to Show Your Spouse Your Love

Keeping your love alive & strong in a relationship is work. A relationship needs nurturing. Sometimes that means a grand gesture, and sometimes it’s a matter of paying attention to the little things. Otherwise, you may start taking each other for granted and drift apart.


Whether you’re newlyweds or you’ve been married for years, you can keep your connection strong. Try these romantic and practical ideas for showing your partner just how much they mean to you.


Romantic Ways to Show Your Partner How Much You Love Them:


  1. Display affection. Greet your partner warmly each time they come home. Hold hands at the movies or walking around the neighborhood.
  2. Write love notes. Create your own poetry or borrow quotations from Keats and Neruda. Stick Post-its with sentimental messages on the bathroom mirror or kitchen coffee pot. Put a love letter in your spouse’s luggage when they leave on a business trip.
  3. Shower them with gifts. Presents can be inexpensive as long as they’re thoughtful. Bring home a movie your wife will love or a new novel by her favorite author. Buy your husband his favorite dessert or drive across town to get the brand of salsa he prefers.
  4. Spring a surprise. Wake up early and serve breakfast in bed on an otherwise routine weekday morning. Send your children to their grandparent’s house for the weekend, and spend a couple of quiet days together.
  5. Laugh it up. It’s okay to have fun while you’re working on your relationship. Feel free to be silly. Sing songs from old commercials. Reminisce about the blunders you made on your first date or during your early attempts at parenting.
  6. Share your dreams. Talk about your plans and goals. Common values are even more important than liking the same pastimes.
  7. Arrange date nights. Take turns planning a date night each week. You need some couple-time away from the children and chores.


However you decide to plan your Valentine’s Day date, know that it doesn’t have to stop there. Nurturing a relationship takes time and work. Know that the relationships that matter will last as long as both parties put forth the effort.