7 Time Management Steps for 1st Time Parents

Life as you know it is obsolete and there is no turning back now. 

Your about to become a parent for the first time.

That’s fantastic!!!

You were blessed to be a role model for an amazing little one.


In honor of my cousin having a her first baby soon, I thought I’d share some time management to do’s. 


Along with the love and joy you feel when you have a child comes a lot of new responsibilities and demands that weren’t there before. In any family size taking care of your growing family, it’s important to remember to manage your time effectively.


It’s easy to wind up feeling overwhelmed unless you can design a system that works for you.


Start by taking a look at these suggestions that have helped other parents who were once in your shoes. These time management steps can help you along the parenting journey. 


Maximize Your Time:


  1. Assess your routine. Figure out how you’re currently spending your time. How many hours do you spend watching TV or browsing online? Are there some tasks you can remove from your to do list.
  2. Set priorities. Focus on your most important responsibilities. Your family’s health and happiness matter more than keeping up with the laundry.
  3. Plan ahead. If possible, start strategizing even before your baby is born. Research your options for things like diaper service and day care.
  4. Budget extra time. Expect that many activities will take longer than they used to. If you’re running errands with your baby, you’ll need to bring along extra supplies, and you may need to stop for bathroom and feeding breaks.
  5. Coordinate your tasks. Being organized will help you stay on track. Deal with your essential errands first just in case you run out of time. Consider using delivery services for a while.
  6. Ask for help. Let others know how they can support you. Your family and friends may be happy to babysit or take over some chores.
  7. Use technology. Online shopping and time saving apps can help you cut down on your workload. Ask other new and experienced parents about their favorite discoveries.


I absolutely love little babies. So much so, I had 4. I also know I know the experience can be overwhelming for any parent. The important thing to remember, parenting is not perfect! Giving it your best is all you can ask of yourself, especially in the beginning. Let go of unrealistic idealism that may cause you feelings of overwhelm and regret and you will be just fine.

Blessings to you and your growing family! 


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