Empowerment Coaching: Claim Your Power

Would you know if someone asked you what it means to claim your power? Lets explain the meaning of personal power. Personal power is about your character and accomplishments. It’s the result of who you are and what you do. When you learn how to unlock your personal power, you can achieve your goals and lead a more meaningful life. You’ll also find it easier to influence others and take on leadership roles.

In some ways, building up your inner power is like building up your outer body. It takes effort and practice. Empowerment coaching can help you unlock ways for you to build your inner power and give you an accountability partner so you can claim your power!

I use these techniques to assist my clients with the mental blocks they have. These exercises will cultivate your inner strengths and assist you in taking positive actions.

Cultivating Inner Qualities:

  1. Clarify your values. In my business, I help my clients understand who they are and what’s important to them. It is a great place to start in during your initial session. Once you figure out your priorities, you can devote your time and resources to the activities that you find most rewarding. You’ll also have solid criteria for making moral decisions.

  2. Think positive. Look on the bright side and clear your mind. Preserve your energy and motivation for taking constructive action instead of becoming drained by daily irritations.

  3. Build your self-esteem. Question your self-limiting beliefs. Have the courage to take worthwhile risks and give yourself credit for trying. Take satisfaction in your past achievements and let them encourage you to take on bigger projects. Your past achievements are proven results that you can do it!!

  4. Manage your emotions. Recognize your feelings without letting them distract you from making healthy choices. Deal with stress safely by talking sensitive situations over with your friends or taking a long walk.

  5. Let go of baggage. Free yourself from grudges and resentments. Forgive yourself and others for any past disappointments. Allowing you to forgive yourself is a major milestone. Don’t think it isn’t. It is a necessary step for you to claim your power.

  6. Persevere through obstacles. Patiently accept reversals and delays as the price of success. Remember your purpose and renew your commitment when the going gets tough. Through your trials, builds your character.

  7. Be authentic. Stay true to yourself. Be prepared to align your actions with your values even when it’s uncomfortable. Evaluate your progress according to your own standards instead of comparing yourself to others. Authenticity gives you real strength.

Taking Constructive Action:

The mind is a powerful resource that needs to be replenished.

Shevaughn Desiree
  1. Meditate and pray. Faith and mindfulness can make you stronger and more resilient. Set aside time each day to give thanks and connect with your spiritual side. Practice your faith by seizing opportunities to be kind and generous. I like to suggest setting aside time in the morning. This way, you have set yourself up for success by renewing your mind before you go out into the world.

  2. Engage in self-care. Your physical condition affects your personal power. Let me say that again. Your physical condition affects your personal power. Keep your body in peak condition with a balanced diet rich in whole foods like fresh vegetables and fruits. Exercise regularly and stick to a consistent sleep schedule.

  3. Continue learning. Adding to your knowledge and abilities also makes you more powerful. Sign up for educational seminars at work or study a foreign language at your local community college. Take courses online and read classic novels in your free time. The mind is a powerful resource that needs to be replenished.

  4. Communicate skillfully. You can make yourself more likeable and influential. Ask friends and colleagues you trust for honest feedback about areas where you need to grow. Brush up on your attentive listening or public speaking skills. Monitor your body language and proofread all of your emails.
  5. Network vigorously. A robust network gives you more opportunities to leverage your strengths by collaborating with others. Help others by sharing your time, expertise, and other resources. Stay in touch with your old contacts, and attend events where you can widen your circle.

  6. Aim for balance. I understand it is tempting to limit ourselves to the areas where we feel safe and appreciated. I see this in my business with my clients, wanting to achieve the work-life balance. Ensure you’re giving adequate attention to both your professional and family life.

  7. Maximize your productivity. Time and other resources are limited. Organizing your routines can help you to do more with less. The key to this is proper use of your time management. These skills can be brushed up on regularly.

Mental and spiritual strength allows you to take charge of your life and your future. Claim your power so you can realize your potential and have a positive impact on the world by having a positive impact on those around you first.

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