Inside the Supermom Book

Inside the Supermom Book: Living with Expectancy in Motherhood

An article digging into a topic I speak on inside the book I wrote regarding on living with expectancy in motherhood.

There are commercials out there that show a glimpse of how a new parent acts. For example, worried about every detail and scratch versus the parent of multiple children, living without that overbearing worry.

If you are a mother of two plus kids, let’s face it you’re a pro. Not taking away from the parents of one, because I’m an only child. But, there is that time frame of being a new mom to being/becoming a pro. What is it? It’s Confidence!

Confidence in yourself, confidence in who you are as a mother. How do we get from that new mom to confident mom space? That’s what I explain in detail my book, “Supermom, Celebrating All of Who You Are.”

For now mama, I’m going to give you the cliff notes. It’s by embracing your new position and role. It’s by accepting your pitfalls and celebrating your milestones. Most importantly, it’s by living with an expectancy in your motherhood journey.

Living with Expectancy in Motherhood is:

1) Positivity: Starting your day with a positive attitude and mindset for you and your family can only set you up for success.

2) Strength: Can give you the extra oomph you need to attack your day.

3) Joy: Living with expecting in motherhood with joy in your day is a great way to start your day off. How? Keep your kids first in your thoughts and mind. Why? Because as the day starts trying to go arri, thoughts of your kids are what keeps you sane and feeling better.

I hope you enjoyed a snippet of ideas, quotes, and thoughts on the topic confidence in motherhood. The “Supermom, Celebrating All of Who You Are” book is available via my site at and on Amazon.

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