Happy Memorial Day: From My Family to Yours

Happy Memorial Day from my family to yours!!! Memorial day is more than a holiday for me. May 30th, three years ago today, my life changed forever! My youngest daughter was born on this day. She is the sweetest, spunkiest kid I know. I did not know our family was missing something. However, our family… Continue reading Happy Memorial Day: From My Family to Yours


Memorial Day Activities for the Whole Family

That time of year is coming up. The time we celebrate our fallen, Memorial Day. There are many companies that do not observe the federal holiday requiring the company to close for the day. They may offer their employees time and half for working the holiday. Any more than that can be called a blessing.… Continue reading Memorial Day Activities for the Whole Family


Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Valentine's Day is often a holiday where singles feel the need to find love. Well, at least that is how I used to feel when I was single. You always have that feeling of not wanting to be alone for this particular holiday. For myself. This holiday means just a little more to me every year.… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Celebrations

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Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together and appreciate everything they have. As we all celebrate, what is your family Thanksgiving Tradition? The American Thanksgiving tradition seems to be filled with the whole fixings. Some items may differ in style & taste, however, there are some items to be a staple… Continue reading Thanksgiving Traditions