“Supermom, Celebrating All of Who You Are” is a book for moms of all walks of life.

My inspiration for this book came from the need I felt there was to bridge a gap between all moms. The #NewMom, #WorkingMom, #StayAtHomeMom, #Momof4, the list goes on.

We all have different life experiences that shape the way we view how we raise our children.

This makes us the best possible mom we can be for them. Embracing the common stereotype & give it new meaning is one of the ways I speak about making a change in our communities.

The Henderson’s 2018

I use biblical references and life experiences of not only myself but other women I have come across in my life.

* I am encouraged that you are interested in taking that step to broaden your knowledge on how we can show each other as mothers the necessary community building love and acceptance we need in today’s society. Grab the book below & find out how! Inside the About the Author is a special invite. *

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Inside the Book: Table of Contents


Part 1: The New Mom

Chapter 1: The Transition

Chapter 2: Accepting Your New Position

Chapter 3: Learning How to Be You

Chapter 4: The Everyday Guide

Part 2: Celebrating All of Who We Are

Chapter 5: Owning Supermom

Chapter 6: Managing Motherhood

Chapter 7: A Woman First

Chapter 8: Unending Love

Part 3: Bridging the Gap

Chapter 9: Our Views of Each Other

Chapter 10: Embracing the Sisterhood

Chapter 11: One Mother at a Time

Part 4: Mom to Supermom

Chapter 12: Dream

Chapter 13: Believe

Chapter 14: Live

Quotes to Remember


Bible Verses



About the Author