Super You Leadership Group Program

Looking for a place to gain knowledge & courage in the area of Leadership?

Feeling a little uneasy in your current leadership role?

You are more than you think you are!
Do you need the confidence to boost your current skill set?
Want your supervisor to realize what a value you are?

Maybe you feel like you need to improve on your leadership skills.


I took the steps I needed to gain the control and take my leadership skills to a whole new level. 

Are You…

Feeling like you are doing your best & not getting noticed.

Doubting your abilities as a woman to lead others.

Doubting your skills & all your experience.  






There are steps you can take to make a change. 

There are steps you can take to make sure self-doubt

& doubt inflicted upon you by others doesn’t happen again. 

What are those steps?

Improving on the skills you already have by digging into 6 key areas.

Mindset, Leadership, Skills, Confidence, Time Management and Balance

What do I do?

I coach Women Entrepreneurs & Mompreneurs on their leadership skills. I help them develop their skills in our “safe space” group setting with other liked minded women seeking the same result, to learn and improve.

help take these women and mothers to their next level in leadership


(the SYL Group Moto)

What service can I provide for you?

 ~ The (SYL) Super You Leadership Group Program ~

Designed to assist in enhancing your leadership skills in a group setting. 

The Program: 

  1. 6 Week Group Coaching (~1 hr sessions/week) via Zoom Video Call TUESDAYS 10am – 11:00am CT or THURSDAYS 10am – 11am CT. 
    1. Coming Soon… Start Dates TBA for both Group Classes. 
  2. Private Facebook Access to group members only to Leading with Love. #iLeadnLove
    1. Why? To connect with your fellow members & you don’t have to wait until our next call.
    2. A safe place to bounce off ideas and practice your skills on the group prior to taking it into the “real” world.
    3. If needed, easy access to me, to assist in quick Q & A form.
  3. Email Access to Me for those lengthy questions that need more discretion. 
  4. Weekly Bullet Point Flashcards sent via email to have prior to our session. They can also be printed out or saved to your favorite device for quick reference.
  5. Weekly Assignments to improve on each weekly skill set topic. We will review assignments for the 1st part of class (~10 min) each week before diving into the new topic.
  6. Bonus #1: An Exclusive $20 Savings for SYL Members Only. A new 6 week self-study eCourse, Effective Communication, by Shevaughn Desirée for the exclusive low price of $75, regular course cost $95.
    1. Course includes 6 weeks of course information, plus a special Bonus Workbook (in pdf format), to pair with the Effective Communication eCourse for the exercises (worth $40).
    2. This special eCourse can be done on your own after our 6 week group program. It will be delivered to you on a bi-weekly basis until they 6 weeks are completed. 
    3. You have to jump on this savings! It does come with an expiration date. The Savings Payment link for the eCourse will be delivered to you via email in the same email with the last week of the SYL program materials and expires 1 month after your SYL course is completed. 
  7.  Bonus #2: Free Gift: “Supermom, Celebrating All of Who You Are” eBOOK by Shevaughn Desirée, delivered to you via email the 1st week of class. 
  8. Bonus #3: An Exclusive Referral Bonus-10% OFF: Receive 10% OFF the total price of your choice of package for 1:1 Coaching, (3 months of private coaching with me) for yourself.
    1. Rules: Refer a friend to me for coaching & when your friend books their session you receive 10% off your 1:1 coaching.
      1. Must be booked within 2 weeks to receive coaching. So tell your friend!
      2. If they book with me within 1 week of your referral, they will also receive savings of 5% off their 1st session only.
      3. Just shoot me an email of your friend’s name so I know who to look out for & who referred them to me.
      4. The email will prove as receipt date of referral.

Weekly Topics:

  1. Mindset. The importance & how to change it for the better. Plus, ways to overcome the mindset blocks & limiting beliefs. 
  2. Leadership. What you need to do in order to lead others. The importance of leading by example. 
  3. Importance of Building Up Your Skills. Enhanced Learning will charge your soul. 
  4. Self-Confidence. How it matters for your business & life. What confidence can do to improve your role and your teams role. 
  5. Time Management in leadership. How important it is to the team.
  6. The Work/Life Balance. How this will leave you feeling fulfilled.

How It Will Work: 

  1. Sign Up & Pay to hold your spot.
  2. I will send you the details of the call dates & times via email. So make sure you check your email regularly. Plus, all the ins & outs, the rules to the group coaching sessions so everyone is on the same page prior to our calls. 
  3. We will get right down to business…. On our call we will discuss all topics & take an action step approach to each topic. You will have a chance to speak & give input to the topic & ask questions. Moving you forward in each area to bring the best of your leadership skills in front of you. 
  4. You must be willing to be uninterrupted during our sessions. Respecting your fellow group classmates & so you can gain the most out of each session. So if you need to grab your headset, please do! 
  5. You will gain immediate access to the Facebook Group: Leading with Love. You just have to click the link to the group & take the steps to be added so I can add you immediately. 

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