Back to School: Time Management

It's almost the end of August and by now all kids should be back at the grind again. Hallelujah!! I know, I know. It's wrong of me to praise that the kids are back at school. I honestly love that they are just as much as they do. They get to go to school and… Continue reading Back to School: Time Management


How Good Is It for Your Child’s School to Know “The Family Name”?

Every parent that has children in school hopes to build a relationship with their child's school. Why not? You are leaving your precious babies with them for most of the day. You want to know that your kids are safe, being cared for, of course you would want your kid's school to know the family.… Continue reading How Good Is It for Your Child’s School to Know “The Family Name”?


Back-to-School Safety Tips: Keeping Our Kids Safe

Keeping our kids safe is our number one priority. Today's society is so different from when I grew up. I was just discussing with my husband, I can't imagine when my son starts sixth grade letting him walk to school as I did when I was in sixth grade. I was what you would call a… Continue reading Back-to-School Safety Tips: Keeping Our Kids Safe

Food & Fitness


It's back to school time and another school year is starting. What is on the menu plan for breakfast the first day of school? Do you have your traditions? Are you the mom that wants to be that '50s mom, all Ossie and Harriet? Well, I'm not the "50's Mom." I do have some traditions that… Continue reading BACK-TO-SCHOOL: MAKING BREAKFAST SPECIAL


An Excuse to go Overboard?

Do you need an excuse to go overboard when you go shoe shopping for your kids? Is it just something you rationalize as "it's because they need it?" Do your kids convince you to buy them the name brand shoes that go overboard in price? As we approach back-to-school, I find it a topic that… Continue reading An Excuse to go Overboard?


Back to School Shopping: Are You Ready?

It's almost that time of year. Back to school time. I don't know about you, but I definitely try to get the bulk of my shopping over and done with two weeks before school starts.  Why? It's simple. I don't like to get to the store and be out of what my kids really like.… Continue reading Back to School Shopping: Are You Ready?