Easy Easter Fun For You and the Kids

It's Easter time and my favorite time of year. It's time to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ and spend it enjoying the family. During this time of year I love to do lots of fun crafty stuff with the kids and some fun baking with the kids. I love to make my kids Easter baskets… Continue reading Easy Easter Fun For You and the Kids


Isn’t Spring Break Irresistibly Fun?

My favorite time of year. The flowers are blooming. The sun is shinning and my kids are out on vacation! Not your usual spring break excitement. But, if you are like me, a parent with kids in school, they too get a spring break. It is our job to make sure it's just as fun… Continue reading Isn’t Spring Break Irresistibly Fun?


Valentine’s Day Activities for the Kids

It's almost time for Valentine's Day. In celebrating as a parent, you can't forget about the kids. Before you set off on your special date night with your honey. How about some fun day activities bonding with the kiddos? My kids love Valentine's Day. Being that my kids are still in elementary school, they love… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Activities for the Kids