I love the holidays!! I especially love shopping for those I love. If I could go in and out of the store in less than half an hour, I am golden! It would mean there are no excessive lines to wait in and simply that the store had what I went in for without any… Continue reading MY 2016 CHRISTMAS SHOPPING GUIDE


An Excuse to go Overboard?

Do you need an excuse to go overboard when you go shoe shopping for your kids? Is it just something you rationalize as "it's because they need it?" Do your kids convince you to buy them the name brand shoes that go overboard in price? As we approach back-to-school, I find it a topic that… Continue reading An Excuse to go Overboard?


Back to School Shopping: Are You Ready?

It's almost that time of year. Back to school time. I don't know about you, but I definitely try to get the bulk of my shopping over and done with two weeks before school starts.  Why? It's simple. I don't like to get to the store and be out of what my kids really like.… Continue reading Back to School Shopping: Are You Ready?