The Go-Getter Session

You are a woman who knows what she wants. 

But, you need some help getting there.

Help in creating a sure fire way of attacking your goals!


The Go-Getter Session ~

A 90 Minute Intensive Coaching Session

This program is for you if:

You are a busy woman who is ready to take on the next 3 months with gusto! Whether, it is achieving your career goals or life goals you are ready and willing to put in the work you need to do so. This program equips you with all you will need to take on your goals with confidence and determination.

I Coach Women in:

  •  Mapping Out Your Goals (Career & Life)
  • Getting Clear On Your Business

 How Will It Work?

  1. You will already know what it is you want to work on. 
  2. You will book and pay for your session. 
  3. I will send you a contract agreeing that we will be entering the client-coach relationship, confirming your session date and how we will be conducting the session. 
  4. I will be there to support you!

Coaching Sessions

  1. You will make sure you are in a quite place without interruptions. 
  2. We will dig right into the session. It is a 90 minute session. But, if it needs goes over to finish completing your thought and plan, be prepared for 10-15 minutes over at the most.
  3. I will assist you in mapping out your next 3 months. With a plan on how to continue after your goal is completed. 
  4. Be prepared with your topic, open mind, and calendar. 
  5. I will equip you to handle any blocks that may pop up during your 3 months of attacking your goal. So there will be nothing to fear or worry about. You can do this! 

 The Extras

  1. No need to worry about being good at short-hand. I will send you a detailed transcript of the session. 
  2. I will be available to you via email during your next 3 months for a quick q&a that you may have. 

Your Investment


Schedule Your Session Now!

I look forward to working with you mama!

Let’s get you to your next level!