The Supermom Program

You’re a busy working mom who puts everyone’s needs before yours


you’re ready to make a change!

You’ve decided enough is enough.

It is time for you to go after what you want.

No more stress

 No more giving everything to everyone &  leaving your well dry. 

You are to everyone:


"You are more than every role you play in your daily life!"

But, you are not quite sure where to begin. Maybe you have a dream or desire that has been burning inside your soul for quite sometime.

I know exactly how you feel! 

I’ve been there & it eats at you on a regular basis. 

But remember, All is NOT lost!



I will be there to work with you! You will no longer be alone in your thoughts and fearful of what might be. You found a mom who knows exactly how you feel. I will work with you through those thoughts and fears to come up and out with solutions to move you forward in your life.

~ The Supermom Program ~

Taking You from Mom   —>    Supermom!

This program is for you if:

You are a busy mom who is ready to give yourself some much needed self-care. Whether, it is in achieving your personal goal or focusing on enhancing your leadership role in your business. This program gives you individualized attention. 

I Coach Moms in 3 ways:

  • Work/Life Balance

The Work/Life Balance can seem hard to achieve. But, let me tell you right now, it is most certainly not. I work with you on defining what you consider to be a great balance for you. Then together, we come up with the best solution by considering all possible avenues. So, you in turn, can have the balance you have always wanted.

  • Time Management

As busy moms, Time Management is the most top priority we seem to struggle with. Why? Because you are spending your time split between your business, your family, & the social life you’ve craved, but seems to be in the near future that never seems to come. What we will do in our sessions is redefine what is most important to you by taking an in depth look into your complete current schedule. Then we will go over your schedule by day & by the week to gain the overview look to see what you are struggling with. Then you will be able to come up with a new schedule that can be more productive and less stressful on you, your family and your business. 

  • Your Desired Goal, Dream, or Aspiration

It is time to start thinking about your needs and wants. You are at a time in your life where you feel comfortable with giving yourself more, rather than your family. As you should. You can’t take care of your family without taking care of you first. But, you need some assistance in figuring out just what direction to go in. We will consider through though provoking questions what it is you truly want in life and how you can develop your dream, goal or aspiration into a reality. 

Note: Not every topic will be covered because not every mom will want to work on a particular topic. Upon the completion of your Complementary Call & we decide to go on this journey together, we will then discuss what it is you want to work on.

How Will It Work?

  1. You will book your FREE Coaching Session (~30 mins). We’ll make sure we are a good fit for the client-coach relationship. 
  2. You will purchase The Supermom Program.
  3. I will send your Contract & Welcome Pack for you to fill out & send back to me before we begin.
  4. We’ll schedule your coaching sessions in advance.
  5. We’ll create a specific measurable goal & action plan to help you achieve your desired outcome so you can go out & live it.
  6. You will keep me updated on all of the progress you’re making.
  7. I will be there to support you, hold you accountable & inspire you.

Coaching Sessions

  1. You can expect your 1st coaching session to be an intensive session. We will use this time to really dig deep into your over all goal for the time we have together. This session may run anywhere in between 1 hr to 1 hr 15 min.
  2. Sessions 2 – 11 will be intensive in building on the 1st session & your weekly goals we will set together. Because I am in it with you!
  3. Your last session 12 will be used to regroup and prepare you for success in the coming months.
  4. All our sessions will be via Zoom Meetings for live video chats. No need to fret. If you’re nervous, its ok, we all get nervous. I will make sure you have what you need to hop on to our call.

The Extras

  • Facebook Group Access to my group The Supermom Haven. Designed for fun, questions to be answered by all moms in the group. You will be in there with moms of all ages who can provide you with the community aspect we all need as a mom.
  • Instant Facebook Messenger Access to me! For those super quick questions that can be answered via text message.
  • All our calls are recorded. So no worry about not being great at short hand! I will send you the recording for your review. Along with a (pdf) recap form for quick access when you are unable to listen to the recording.

Your Investment

$1,500 upfront



(3 monthly payment installments)

The Program

  • 12 Sessions (approx. 1 hr per session) via Zoom Meetings over 3 month period
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • Limited –Short Check-In Call (10 min) total of 6 calls over 3 months.
  • Special Gift: “Supermom, Celebrating All of Who You Are” Signed Copy 
Graduation Day! Obtained my BA-Sociolgoy degree.